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Email Website Mar. 18, 2019


It was a very interesting and informative

Email Oct. 9, 2018

Janet McDaniel

In my first reading with Kelly, she relayed information from my departed family members that no other person on the planet besides myself could have known. Messages from the other side have changed my life by opening my mind to the enduring nature of our
spirit; and either confirmed, or changed for the better, the direction of my life. In a more recent reading with my boyfriend, Kelly has conveyed information from his loved ones that only he knew . My boyfriend, once skeptical, sat dumbfounded for hours afterwards
as we discussed the reading. The closure he received was life altering.

I am so blessed and forever grateful to have Kelly in my life. Thank you, dear Kelly. Much love.

Email Website Sep. 27, 2017


This place is great.

Email Apr. 19, 2017

Angelia Justice

You are such a bright and compassionate soul. I wished I lived closer to you because there are SO many things to talk about.

Email Apr. 19, 2017


Wishing I lived closer so I could consult with you about some products I'm interested in. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about you, your site and your abilities!!

Email Website Mar. 13, 2017

Ashley Leighton

There is no match when it comes to your website.

Email Sep. 9, 2016

Beverly Yocum

I went on the psychic cruise on the Susquehanna river in June of 2016. It was an awesome experience! One specific thing Kelly told me was that when I hear my wind chimes chime and the air is still that it is my mom coming for a visit. This has happened
to me 3 times since the reading and each time as I get close to the wind chimes I get goose bumps. She was so on point with every message I received that I am also going on another cruise next week. This time I'm taking along 2 friends.

Email Aug. 15, 2016

Karen G.

I had an outstanding reading with Kelly and I was amazed that what she told me actually came true----she was even correct with the time frame of when to expect it to happen! Trust me, Kelly is for real.

Email Sep. 30, 2015

Jeff Gilligbauer

I recently had my first reading with Kelly. This was the most calming, peaceful, and AMAZING experience that I have ever had. Hearing from loved ones that have passed, and having some incite to what could come was truly a gift. I left feeling refreshed,
peaceful, loved, and with a HUGE smile. I am looking forward to future readings.

Email Jun. 9, 2015

Jackie Rachau

I had a reading with Kelly about a month ago and through the reading I have learned who visits me once in a while. I also learned about a family member I never knew but always wondered about. She is professional and her place is very calming. Such a peaceful
and informational experience. Look forward to another reading in the future.

Email Jun. 7, 2015

Nicole Blank

I have had readings with Kelly many times and they are always affirming and spot on! I recommend her to anyone seeking truth and peace.

Email Jun. 7, 2015

Lisa deitrick

I had the best experience with Kelly... She told me a year ago I would have a baby boy.... He is due in 10 wks. She also gave me a lot of peace with my dad's passing. Love her!

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