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My Method of Reading

My motto is and always has been; "A positive, professional, peaceful experience for calm, comfort, and closure."

My Readings are a combination of both a general and departed Readings, at the same time.  If loved ones present themselves in Spirit form, I will relay their messages, in addition to your general reading. I do not use any tools to read (Tarot cards, tea leaves, etc.).  I receive my information from a positive, light, and loving source, by seeing, hearing, and intuitively receiving your messages.  

I grew up both a Psychic and Medium so my Readings run together.  I do not separate between general and departed Readings.  If Spirit shows up during your Reading, I will happily relay their messages and if not, the Reading will take more of a general form.  Please don’t think they are not there, just know they are there in love and support, and there are some other messages you need to hear at this point.  Remember- every time you have a Reading, it’s different.  Approach your Reading with an open mind for whomever and whatever may come through.  These are friends and family members that are always around you.  You are not "summoning" any Spirits.  You are simply communicating with those of the Light, that you know and Love.

 I do not research you in any way before your Reading.  I don’t poke, prod, or provoke Spirit, but I also do not filter.  You will receive your messages the way I see or hear them.  I do not remember the details of your Reading.  They are your messages and are meant only for you.

This Reading is for your interest and is not in place of legal or medical consultation.

I take pride in my private, uplifting, personal readings and events, and I look forward to meeting with you.  It's truly an honor to Read for you.




Phone Reading

2 Questions / 15 minutes


Phone Reading

5 Questions / 30 minutes



30 Minutes *mileage rates may apply*



45 Minutes *mileage rates may apply*


On-Location, GROUP

80 Minutes (minimum # of attendees) *mileage rates may apply*

(per person) 45.00

Online Chat Reading

15 minutes


Online Chat Reading

30 minutes


Online Chat Reading

45 minutes


E-mail Reading

5 Questions/ General Reading, response within 5 days


Online/ Text

Per Question Readings (ala carte question)


Virtual Online Gallery

40 minutes (minimum # of attendees)

(per person) 30

Text Reading

5 Questions, response within 5 days


Voice Message Reading Online

5 Questions, response within 5 days


Video Message Reading Online

5 Questions, response within 5 days


Group events, galleries, corporate events, private parties, workshops, seminars for paranormal teams, and speaking engagements available. Call or e-mail for more information, pricing, and to schedule.

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